British Empire creates “Pagian policy”

The conflict between Jocistan and I do not like Jocistan is still ongoing. There was a short lived ceasefire, which I do not like Jocistan withdrew from. Jocistan wishes for the Commonwealth to condemn this, but the British Empire has voted against this, although Jocistan has the ability to use Chairman’s prerogative. The first phase of the plan takes place immediately, whilst the second phase will require agreements

1st phase

1. The Republic of I do not like Jocistan to be recognised by the name The Anti-Jocistani Republic, which is deemed a better, shorter, and less confusing name

2. The British Empire declares diplomatic support for the Anti-Jocistani Republic‘s independence and sovereignty.

3. The British Empire declares diplomatic support for Jocistan against Anti-Jocistani aggression.

2nd phase

1. The Anti-Jocistani Republic to be renamed Pagia (eg: Pagian Republic, Kingdom of Pagia)

2. Pagia to regain all of its former territory.

3. Peace to be made with Jocistan. Pagia can continue to oppose Jocistan by peaceful means, for example by propaganda.



British Empire enters military alliance with Jocistan

In the recent referendum, our people voted unanimously to form an alliance with Jocistan. As a result, the British Empire has formally accepted the alliance invitation and is allied with Jocistan.

Referendum: Should the British Empire ally itself with Jocistan?

Jocistan is a small, Soviet style micronation in Durham which had requested forming an alliance nearly 2 months ago.

The alliance treaty between the British Empire and Jocistan would have these terms

  • Mutual respect and recognition
  • Maintenance of diplomatic relations
  • Mutual defence
  • Sharing of intelligence when relevant to the other nation

The initial reason for the British Empire not accepting the alliance request was an ideological difference, as Jocistan is a Soviet country with an authoritarian government, a style of government which the British Empire is opposed to. The British Empire also wishes to maintain its record of never losing wars, and an alliance could drag us into more wars, such as with the tribe of I do not like Jocistan. Another problem with forming the alliance is that there have already been two crises between the British Empire and Jocistan, and so the alliance may not be functional.

On the other hand, an alliance with Jocistan could prevent crises in the future and stabilise and improve relations, especially since Jocistan has pushed for this alliance. Jocistan also boasts of a strong army and has good links with other micronations such as Toristan and Punistan. Despite its authoritarian nature, Jocistan’s government has a high approval rating. On the Empire’s “Micronational Power Index”, Jocistan scored fairly highly, and would have scored higher if not for its small size.

In order to vote, comment on this post either “Yes” or “No”. This referendum will end on the 15th of May. It is advised that you visit the Jocistani website if you have not been on it before, although this is not required.

British Empire creates a new system for measuring the power of Micronations

The British Empire has created a system for measuring the power of micronations using economic, military, political, and territorial factors. It has 8 categories as well as ‘Additional Factors’

Micronational Power Index

Size (excluding Antarctic, Sea, and extra-terrestrial claims)
1) <1yd²
2) 1-10yd²
3) 10-50yd²
4) 50-200yd²
5) 200-1,000yd²
6) 1,000-5,000yd²
7) 5,000-10,000yd²
8) >10,000yd²

Number of Citizens
1) 1-5
2) 6-10
3) 11-25
4) 26-50
5) 51-100
6) 101-200
7) 201-500
8) 501+

Number of Residents
1) 1-5
2) 6-10
3) 11-20
4) 21-30
5) 31-50
6) 51-100
7) 101-200
8) 201+

Number of Members of Armed Forces
1) 1-5
2) 6-10
3) 11-15
4) 16-20
5) 21-30
6) 31-50
7) 51-100
8) 101+

Number of countries the nation has Diplomatic Relations with
1) 1-5
2) 6-10
3) 11-15
4) 16-20
5) 21-30
6) 31-50
7) 51-100
8) 101+

Number of Allies
1) 1-2
2) 3-5
3) 6-10
4) 11-15
5) 16-20
6) 21-25
7) 25-35
8) 36+

Number of types of Tradable Natural Resources
1) 1
2) 2
3) 3-5
4) 5-8
5) 9-10
6) 11-15
7) 16-25
8) 26+

Number of UN Member States which your nation has territory in
1) 1
2) 2-3
3) 4-5
4) 6-8
5) 9-10
6) 11-15
7) 16-20
8) 21+

Additional Features
*Government Building within your territory

*For answers of 0, give 0 points.
*For answers from 1-8, give the same number of points as that number.
*Give an additional point for each additional feature you have.
*Divide by 8

The British Empire has scored a 1.875 using this test. Sholand scored 1.5, and Jocistan scored 1.75 (1.625 if you count its size as <1yd², which excludes the occupied chair). These scores may not be perfectly accurate, and it is advised that these indexes are retaken by people with more knowledge on their micronation.

Jackistan grants British Empire military access

The Autocracy of Jackistan has granted the British Empire, along with Jocistan, military access for reasons of protection. It has also adopted the currency of Jocistan, the Jocistani Theta. Subsequently, Jackistan is under British Imperial Protection, making it a form of ally to the British Empire, although the British Empire has only agreed to protect it from aggressors.

Supreme Leader of Jocistan wins 2nd Commonwealth election

The Supreme Leader of Jocistan has won the second election, with 13 votes, compared to 5 votes for the Imperial Governor. The Supreme Leader is now the Chairman of the Commonwealth, and has been recognised as Chairman by the British Empire. The Sholandic Cactus came in 2nd place with 6 votes, although different interpretations can put their number of votes between 5 and 7. Likewise, Jocistan will be the dominant member of the Commonwealth.