Trade Union formed in Pecuniam

A new trade union has formed in Pecuniam called the Pecunian Labour Union. It has began a strike in the Bank of Pecuniam, meaning Pecuniam can no longer print money. It has many goals

  1. Ban unfair fines. These are fines in currencies other than the Pecunian pound and fines that are excessive.
  2. Stop overpayment of high ranking government agents.
  3. Stop underpayment of low ranking government workers.
  4. Allow Pecunians to be able to have their own plots of land.

British Empire ends Pecunian Feudalism

The British Empire has ended Feudalism in Pecuniam in a constitutional ruling. The constitution bans forced labour, which Pecuniam violates by saying that Serfs are required to work the land of their Lord. This means that Pecuniam is no longer a Feudal state. This is an important step in increasing Pecunian rights. This is not the first time that Pecuniam violated the constitution.

Pecuniam recognises Donald Trump as a country and declares war on him

The Dominion of Pecuniam has recognised Donald Trump as an independent country. It has declared war on him. They are not at war with the USA but rather just with Donald Trump. This technically violates the constitution which states that no territory can declare war, but as the British Empire does not recognise Donald Trump as a country, this means that the empire doesn’t recognise the war, and therefore cannot declare it unconstitutional.




Goldland officially split into two Dominions

The British Empire has split the Dominion of Goldland into two separate Dominions: The Dominion of Pecuniam and the Dominion of Proletistan. Pecuniam has had its legal systems restored, and is basically the same as before, remaining under Anglestonian light administration with the same Duke, King, and Governor as before. The Dominion of Proletistan will have the structure and laws it had prior to the Empire taking control over the territory. The border will be a straight line splitting the territories.

Pecuniam Creates its own website

Pecuniam has created its own website, despite not existing. The website even features a Public Information Film which conveys the Pecunian view of the war.

In British Imperial News, our true stories are green, and made up ones in red. Unfortunately, in Pecuniam’s news, the colour was accidentally removed in the process of making the film black and white.

Goldland referendum

The Dominion of Goldland will take the form of one of these three options. This is a legally binding referendum and is using the alernate vote system. Vote in order of preference from 1 to 3 (you don’t need to bother putting 4 down)

A) Unitary State

The Dominion of Goldland will remain a single unitary state with one government. It will have three official names: Laetaland, Pecuniam, and Proletistan (Possibly ‘Pecuniam and Proletistan’ as well). The title of monarch will be de-centralised, making the Dominion neither a Kingdom nor a Republic. Local chieftains will decide whether or not to recognise the king.

B) Federation

Goldland will be called ‘The Dominion of ‘Pecuniam and Proletistan’. It will remain one territory with its own prime minister but Pecuniam and Proletistan will be regions within it, will devolved governments. Local chiefs will decide which region to be in. Pecuniam will be a monarchy but Proletistan won’t.

C) Two States

Goldland will be broken into two roughly equally sized states. These will be separate Dominions, and likewise, can be completely different from eachother.

D) Three states

Goldland will be broken into two Dominions, but will have a much smaller buffer state in between. This will hold colony status.