British Empire recognises Soviet Micronation

The Free Democratic People’s Soviet Socialist Republic of Jocistan has been created, seeking recognition and alliance with the British Empire. The British Empire has recognised this nation but has not decided whether to ally with it, due to an Anti Soviet mentality. Jocistan is not Communist, although it it does identify as Soviet. As it is not Communist, the British Empire is willing to enter diplomatic relations, and this is expected.

The British Empire and the Dominion of Great Pecuniam both identify as Socialist but of a milder type.


Regional Kingdom of Pecuniam annexes republic

The regional Kingdom of Pecuniam within the Dominion of Great Pecuniam has annexed the regional Republic of Pecuniam. The regional Kingdom is to be a constitutional monarchy, with the king not having any power. The regional Kingdom will have a Prime Minister in power. Duke O’Connell Nash will be the Prime Minister.


Intermicronational Winter Olympics

There have been Intermicronational Olympic Games before, but it was realised that there hasn’t been a Winter Olympics which we have heard of. This means that we can claim the first intermicronational Winter Olympics, and this is what happened.

28th February

Yesterday, on the 28th of February, there was a sledge competition between the British Empire and Sholand. It consisted of 4 rounds, of which the empire won 3.

We intend for there to be more events, but we do not know which ones there will be.

Image result for olympic logo

29-30th February (date not properly recorded)

There was a Snooker and a Pool match between Sholand and the British Empire. The British Empire won both, but the Snooker match was won by a narrow margin. The victory relied on whoever potted the black at the end, and the British Empire’s player got very near to potting the white.


Great Pecuniam releases Government Flag

The Dominion of Great Pecuniam has released a Government Flag, featuring the new coat of arms. It was originally intended to be the new flag of the Dominion, but the final decision was that it would become the Government flag. This means that the flag flown by the government will be the new flag, whilst the public will use the old flag, similar to Anglestonia’s Grand Ducal Standard.




Pecunian coat of arms updated

The old coat of arms of Pecuniam has been modified. The main reason of this was to make it look more respectable and higher quality. It also served to replace the outdated flag (on the shield) and motto, and remove the “Tellytubby Toff”, a reminder of the capitalist/feudal government which used to run Pecuniam.

Officially, Great Pecuniam has never used the original Coat of Arms. It was used by the former Republic of Pecuniam and Kingdom of Pecuniam.

The old Coat of Arms
New Coat of Arms.png
New Coat of Arms with better shaped shield, red instead of blue, another lion instead of a Tellytubby, and a new motto with Tudor roses on the side.

“I am very glad to tell the Great Pecunian people that no more shall their national coat of arms be tainted by a badly drawn Tellytubby.” ~His excellency the Supreme General-High Commander of the Pecunian Military, Grand Marshall of all of the nation, the wise one, defeater of enemies and empowerer of allies, powerful man, head of government, Head of the Bank of the Dominion of Great Pecuniam, creator of wealth, KOP, GG, YOBO, TESCO


Grand Marshall designs new currency and tax system

The Grand Marshall of the Dominion of Great Pecuniam has created a new currency for his Dominion, called the Great Pecunian Florin. 3 designs have been made, these are for the Þ1 note, the Þ2 note, and the Þ5 note. In order to jump-start the economy, and as a gift to the Pecunian people, each Pecunian will be given one of each note for free, amounting to Þ8. The Grand Marshall is now the “Head of the Bank of the Dominion of Great Pecuniam”.

The new tax system has been put in place, where a person who already has Þ10 will pay 10% tax, someone with Þ20 pays 20% tax, and someone with Þ40 pays 30% tax (and so on until it reaches 100%, leading to a maximum wealth of Þ5120). Unlike in Anglestonia, there will be tax on government wages (which have not yet been decided).

All bank notes feature the Latin words “Gloria et Sapientia” meaning Glory and Wisdom. This is the new motto of Great Pecuniam.


We have recently discovered a propaganda image from during the Pecunian Monarchy Crisis, showing the Empire’s support for the King.

The ape with the gun and sword represents the republic, calling it violent and uncivilised. The arrow with the empire flag on represents the Empire’s mission to end the republic.

Specifics of Carsakhstan Condominium made

The details of the condominium over Carsakhstan has been decided. The territory will be a colony of Anglestonia’s, giving Anglestonia ownership. However, it will be under heavy administration of Great Pecuniam, giving Great Pecuniam more power over it than Anglestonia. Anglestonia can legislate, but Great Pecuniam can veto, remove, or change this legislation as they see fit. Great Pecuniam has ‘ultimate legislative authority’ and can also legislate over the colony, although Anglestonia can’t veto, remove, or change Great Pecunian law. Neither can take full control without consent of the other. The governor of the colony will be from Great Pecuniam.



Great Pecuniam officially annexes the Dominion of Pecuniam

Previously, the Dominion of Great Pecuniam claimed the Dominion of Pecuniam. This claim has now been recognised by both the British Imperial Government and the Pecunian Government. Pecuniam has been restored to its old borders of 84.74 square yards. As it also has a mandate over Raftia (the only colony outside of Great Britain) and a partial mandate over the newly aquired Carsakhstan, Great Pecuniam is now a major power in the British Empire. The Supreme Marshall has declared that he wants to make Pecuniam a powerful socialist military state.

Within Great Pecuniam, there are three autonomous regions. These are Pecuniam (the  former republic), The Regional Kingdom of Pecuniam (the former Pecunian Crown), and Proletistan. The Federal Dominion uses the Proletistani flag and Proletistan is the capital. Each Pecunian will be given a land plot and a job in the government or army in the future.


Anglestonia introduces its Grand Ducal Standard

Anglestonia has now introduced its own Grand Ducal Standard. A standard is a flag flown when the head of state is in residence. This flag may be used at any location where the Grand Duke is present, such as in meetings or state visits.

The law states on its usage.

The Anglestonian Standard is to be flown only when the Grand Duke of Anglestonia is present. The government may only fly this flag when the Grand Duke is present. However, the Grand Ducal standard  may be used by the general public as a patriotic symbol.

The Standard was designed over a year ago, before the British Empire had been established. There were plans for it to be the flag of Anglestonia. It is clearly a combination of the Welsh and English flags, which reflects the Anglestonian identity.

British Empire gains large colony of Carsakhstan

The British Empire has recognised the claim by Anglestonia and Greater Pecuniam over Carsakhstan, a colony consisting of a garage.

The colony will be called ‘Pecuno-Anglestonian Carsakhstan‘ and measures 17 feet by 21 feet, or 357 ft²(40yd² approx). This makes it the largest colony in the empire and the 2nd largest territory. This makes the British Empire over 100yd², at about 130yd². The colony is a joint mandate condominium. Both Greater Pecuniam and Anglestonia hold a joint mandate over it.

The official flag of Carsakhstan, based off the Anglestonian and Proletistani (now Greater Pecunian) flags.


dumb carsakhstan.png
A previous attempt to combine the flags. Rejected for obvious reasons.

Greater Pecuniam expands borders, now largest territory in the empire

Proletistan has agreed to unify with Great Pecuniam, meaning that Greater Pecuniam now rules or claims all of the old Pecuniam. The Supreme Leader of Proletistan was given the titles of TESCO (The Extraordinarily Strong Commanding Officer) and YOBO (Ye Olde British Order). An area of land which was an unrecognised claim by Proletistan was then claimed by Greater Pecuniam as a part of the Autonomous Region of Proletistan. Finally, both Great Pecuniam and Anglestonia created a condiminium colony. It is called Carsakhstan and consists of a garage. The claims over the new Proletistani land and garage have yet to be officially recognised due to their size being unknown. There are three autonomous regions: The Pecunian Crown, Pecuniam, and Proletistan. The sub-divisions of autonomous regions are counties. With all of its claimed land, Great Pecuniam is over 100yds² (not counting colonies), an amount considerably larger than the 85yds² which Pecuniam was when it was founded. However, the Empire only recognises the claims over Proletistan and the Pecunian Crown. It will however, recognise Carsakhstan and the extension of Proletistan when they have been measured.


‘Great Revolution’ in the two Pecuniams

Since its creation, Pecuniam has fragmented into three. The legal successor of the original Pecuniam is 15% of what Pecuniam used to be. This has led to another revolution in Pecuniam. It is called the great revolution because unlike the ones before, where the country has broken up and likewise become weaker, this one intends to make Pecuniam larger and restore it to its ‘glory days’.

It is a paramilitary coup, with the leader proclaiming himself  ‘Supreme General High Commander’ over the both Pecuniams and merging them into the Dominion of Greater Pecuniam. He seeks to install military rule and a socialist dictatorship. His full title is ‘His excellency the Supreme General-High Commander of the Pecunian Military, Grand Marshall of all of the nation, the wise one, defeater of enemies and empowerer of allies, powerful man, head of government, creator of wealth, KOP, GG, YOBO, TESCO’

KOP=Knight of Pecuniam     GG=Great General    YOBO=Ye Olde British Order     TESCO=The Extraordinarily Strong Commanding Officer


Two Pecuniams created, confederation formed

The Dominion of Pecuniam has been split into two. There is the Dominion of Pecuniam, making up 70% of the former single Dominion, and holding the mandate over Raftia. There is also the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown, which consists of essentially an enlarged version of New Queensland. New Queensland remains the same size as before, and the extension is a region called the Pecunian March, with King Torin as Marquess. King Torin remains King of the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown, but not over the larger Dominion of Pecuniam. Despite the Dominion of Pecuniam having the same name as the former single Dominion, making up most of its land, and running the Raftia colony, the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown is considered the legal succesor to the unified Pecuniam. the Pecunian Crown has retained the old flag, motto, monarchy, and nobility system but all other legislation has been dissolved. The King is now a constitutional monarch with no power.

The Pan-Pecunian Confederation has been formed. It consists of Pecuniam, the Pecunian Crown, and Pecunian Raftia. These countries share a single government and currency (the Pecunian credit). The Imperial Governor intends for the Confederation to eventually evolve into a federation, with the two Pecuniams reuniting. He intends for Torin to be regional King or Prince of a small regional Principality or Kingdom within the federation, similar to the Region of Yogakarta in Indonesia, a region the size of Bedfordshire in Indonesia with a Sultan despite not being a country.


Fifth Amendment Passed

British Imperial Government passes Fifth Constitutional amendment on acquisition and control of territories

The Fifth Amendment has been passed, introducing Protectorates, Mandates, and Overlordship and allowing Constituent Countries to own Dominions. It also allows the claiming of land based on “some form of right or just claim over the land”, an important addition to premises on claiming land as without it, the Scottish Colony could potentially have been ruled unconstitutional, with the Imperial Governor not being the legal owner.

The Amendment goes as follows.

The terms Protectorate and Mandate will apply to light and heavy administrative powers respectively. Light and Heavy Administrative Powers will remain official terms.

A Constituent Country may own a Dominion, meaning that they do not hold it in the name of the Empire but instead have ownership, meaning that the Dominion may not be taken from them. No other extra rights are given by ownership of a Dominion. Constituent Countries may still hold Dominions in the name of the Empire, and may also hold Colonies. The term Mandate-Protectorate may be used to distinguish holding Protectorate on behalf of the Empire from holding Protectorate through ownership.

Dominions and Constituent Countries may hold Overlordship over other Dominions and Constituent Countries. The territories under control of the Subject territory will also be under the Overlordship. Overlordship does not equate ownership and a Subject territory may chose to accept or remove their Overlord from their Overlordship over the Subject Territory unless the Subject territory is obliged to be so under a contract or treaty. The power given to an Overlord over his subject territories may be negotiated by the Overlord and their subject territories and may vary upon each.

Article 13 of Laws and Structure of the Government to be changed to
A territory may be acquired by will of the person who has ownership (full or fractional), a mortgage, a lease, or is judged to have some form of right or just claim over the land and this person retains ownership and can chose to remove their land from the empire at any time.

This new act helps pave the way for Anglestonia to acquire new land and ownership over a new ‘Dominion of South Anglestonia’. The terms ‘Mandate’ and ‘Protectorate’ will not feature as titles in the territory’s name, as Dominion does.


Pecunian Monarchy Crisis Resolved

The Monarchy Crisis in Pecuniam has been resolved. Pecuniam will be split into two sections: The Dominion of Pecuniam and the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown. This split will be 70/30, leaving the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown as a slightly enlarged version of New Queensland. It will contain two regions, the county of New Queensland and the Pecunian March. Although separate Dominions, they will be in a non-monarchical personal union, where the President of the Dominion of Pecuniam is also the Prime Minister of the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown. This will be the Pan-Pecunian Confederation and will function as a single Dominion, making it more of a 1½ state solution than a 2 state solution. It is also possible that they may unify in the future.

This is not the official document creating the two Dominions and the Confederation. These will be written later and may be altered. What is official though, is that the Embargo against Republican Pecuniam has ended.


New Queensland Re-united with the Dominion of Pecuniam, becomes capital of the Kingdom

As of this document’s release, the Colony of New Queensland will be returned to the Dominion of the Kingdom of Pecuniam. However, due to the current republican military coup, the British Empire will not unify it with Pecuniam in any way other than name. It will operate like a separate Dominion and any attempt of the so called Republic of Pecuniam to take control will not be tolerated. It will work in effect, as a Government in exile for King Torin, and will be recognised as the capital of Pecuniam. This re-unification is important, as it gives King Torin control over part of his Kingdom. As the seat of Pecuniam’s recognised government, it will be given control over the Raftia territory.

Other Pecuniam News

The Pecunian election is under way with three candidates. The 2nd and 3rd candidates, James Roberts and Alex Burke, were added later and so the ballot doesn’t feature their names.

Pecuniam is now under a complete embargo due to refusing to restore the monarchy.


Pecuniam and Raftia Declaration

This declaration documents the way in which the British Empire intends to resolve the 2017 Pecunian Military Coup.

The monarchy must remain. We intend for Pecuniam to reinstate and end the exile of His Majesty King Torin, and return his title of Lord-Founder of Raftia. However, this monarchy should be a constitutional one, with only ceremonial functions.

Secondly (a later addition to this declaration), due to the Pecunian transition to Social Democracy, there is no longer a reason for New Queensland to be a separate territory, and so it will be re-united with Pecuniam.

Other than this, the constitution may still stand and the British Empire supports democracy and the end of feudal capitalism in Pecuniam.


Military coup in Pecuniam, Monarchy abolished

A military coup has occurred in the Dominion of Pecuniam, with the Duke taking power and abolishing the monarchy, and sending the deposed King Torin into exile. The Duke has given himself the title of ‘High Autocrat’ and has suspended all laws and abolished the currency. The ‘High Autocrat’ plans to transition the territory into a democracy, with a temporary provisional government in place with him as Dictator. King Torin’s has been changed from ‘Torin the great’ to ‘Torin the bad’. All of this has been declared in a single act, called Declaration of the Liquidation of the Monarchy of Pecuniam, and of the beginning of the Provisional Government.


Anglestonia has condemned this, honouring their pledge to support the Pecunian Monarchy. They claim to express “support and solidarity” with Pecuniam. Likewise, the Act was vetoed by the Grand Duke himself. Anglestonia has also stated that it may send its military to ‘restore order’ with King Torin’s approval.

As the Dominion of Pecuniam is under Anglestonian light administration, and has seen its act vetoed, the Constitution of the British Empire states that this law is officially vetoed, making Pecuniam de jure still a Kingdom under King Torin. However, due to the ‘High Autocrat’ still holding power, Pecuniam is ‘de facto’ a military dictatorship. A decision on how the British Empire will react has not been made yet, but it expected that they will call for a democratic constitutional monarchy.

It is expected that Proletistan, Sholand, and possibly Bindia will support the military takeover.

British Imperial News has produced a short video explaining the British Empire’s stance on this event.

“The Grand Duchy of Anglestonia expresses support and solidarity with the King of the Dominion of Pecuniam” ~ Grand Duke of Anglestonia

First Pecunian Banknotes Printed

The Grand Marshall of Great Pecuniam has printed the first banknotes, meaning that Great Pecuniam now officially has its own currency. Seven 1 Florin notes have been printed, and the are to be seven of both 2 and 5 Florin notes printed as well. As the Grand Marshall said, this batch of notes will be used to give each citizen of Great Pecuniam 8 Florins and the remaining ones will be put in the treasury.

The Grand Marshall now plans to decide the wages of each government job.