Law made by King Torrin of Pecuniam vetoed and declared unconstitutional

A law passed by King Torrin, which would make criticising his leadership a capital offence, was vetoed by the Governor of Pecuniam and was also declared unconstitutional by the Imperial Governor of the empire.

These documents were sent to the King along with a message from the Duke, explaining that the law had been vetoed and declared unconstitutional.

Anglestonia has light administrative powers over the Dominion of Pecuniam and has placed a governor by appointment of the Grand Duke, to regulate the territory. The governor has the power to veto legislation and has vetoed the act passed by the king because “Itnot very nice”.

The Constitution states on Rights of the People: Article 7 “Right to live: No Death Penalty”, which the law made by the King violated. The Imperial Governor subsequently declared it unconstitutional.

Crest made for Goldland

An official crest approved by the Duke of Pecuniam has been made.

It features the lion from the British crest representing the empire, a horrific telly tubby which looks more like one of the Devil’s angels, representing Goldland, a crown representing the King, and a shield which simply has the Goldland flag on it.


At the bottom is the motto in Latin reading “Dives in omnes eripuisse nos”

The horrific, scary monstrosity on the right side of the shield was from an adapted version of the popular flag which came 2nd place in the referendum

airgead - Copy

This flag features the King pulling strings on the Duke, representing his control over the Duke. There are also the gold pyramids from the winning flag, money in the sky representing wealth, ears on the Duke because he has ears, a fancy hat on the Duke because he’s a noble, and the nightmare inducing devil telly tubby from the 3rd place flag.

Duke of Pecuniam defeated in duel, New leader of Pecuniam with the title King, Duke Second in Command

The Duke of Pecuniam, Lord O’Connell Nash, was defeated in a gentlemanly duel between him, and a friend of his and new imperial citizen named Torin Kell. Therefore, Kell was appointed to the newly formed office of King, with the old Duke as second in command, retaining his title. King Torin I of Pecuniam has suggested a change to the name of the Dominion, though no new name has yet been made, therefore, for the time being, it is still Pecuniam. The Duke shall still run Pecuniam during the King’s frequent periods of absence.

Official Airgead Flag Nominations

This is the Official Nomination for the flag of Airgead/Pecuniam. Simply order each of the 6 flags in order with 1 being best and 7 being worst. An alternate vote system will be used and the one which wins will become the official Airgead flag. Vote ends on the 12th of August. This is a legally binding referendum

Flag A
Flag B
Flag C
Flag D
Pecuniam flag
Flag E
Flag F
Flag G

A series of incredibly bad flags made for Airgead

Airgead is the empire’s only territory without its own flag (it uses the British Empire flag as its flag). Several comedic designs were made as nominations for the official Airgead flag. Later, there will be a flag referendum which will feature all of these flags plus more. It will feature normal flags. If you want to nominate your own flag, send it to us via the email

This was the 1st flag, meant to be the flag of Durham if it were a Liberian county (Liberia hosts several very low quality county flags)


This flag was the main inspiration for the 1st flag nomination. NOTE: This is not a nomination but is instead the actual flag of the River Gee County of Liberia.
This flag was also made as a Liberian style flag. This time, it was meant from the beginning as a flag for Airgead. The man on the flag is carrying a Cambridge Latin book and spaghetti like sun rays are shining on him. The top left features a £4.50 coin. The white bar on the side is intentional
This flag involved the least amount of effort and is simply a £50 note. It represents the money which Airgead is named after (Airgead and Pecuniam mean “money” in Irish and Latin respectively)
This flag was then made, featuring the Tellytubies with a top hat, monocle, cigar, a Latin book, and Waitrose shopping bag. These items symbolise the capitalist and posh culture of Airgead. The tellytubies represent that the Duke is young (aged 11). The text, in comic sans, states “Welcome to Percunium”, a purposeful spelling mistake on the name Pecuniam. The same Latin book from an earlier flag is being held by a tellytubby, and smallprint at the base of the flag states “Dislaimer: Latin isn’t a real language and you should learn a real language instead.”
This flag is the exact same flag as the Anglestonian flag. It shows Anglestonian dominance over Airgead (Anglestonia has light administrative powers over Airgead)