The British Empire becomes Christian

The British Empire has passed the ‘Christ Act’ on the 22nd of June 2017, making the British Empire’s official religion Anglican Christianity

At 11:09 in the morning, on the 22nd of June, the British Empire became legally a Christian Country. The act established Anglican Christianity (Church of England) as the official religion throughout the entire empire. It also states that the government must use A.D. and B.C. instead of C.E. and B.C.E. when referring to dates. The act recognises that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are religions of the same God and discrimination against one of the three religions is seen as an attack on all three. The official legal term given by the empire for this is ‘Blasphemy’. All religions are still equal and people are free to practise their religion. ‘Regional religions’ may be put in place in territories across the empire.

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Weights And Measures Act Passed

The British Empire passes the Weights and Measures Act, making Imperial Units the official units of measurement in the empire.

At 10:09am today, the British Empire passed the Weights and Measures Act which states that the official system of measurement for the British Empire is Imperial Units. The Imperial System must be used by the government however, everybody and everything outside of the government can use whatever system they want. There are exceptions, for example, something designed in metric or cannot be translated properly into Imperial. For example, the government may still refer to a square metre as a square metre instead of 1.19599 yards which would be impractical. Other units such as Metric may be used alongside Imperial. For example, a length could be described as ‘6 feet (183cm)’

The Imperial Governor argues that the Imperial System is part of British culture and tradition, as the Imperial System dates back in a recognisable form to the Middle Ages, where it was known as English Units.
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English and Welsh declared the official languages of the British Empire

At 11:09AM on the 17th of June 2017, the languages of English and Welsh were adopted as the official languages of the British Empire. This is due to English and Welsh being the main native languages of the United Kingdom still spoken today, and because the Imperial Governor claims to be part Welsh.

In a practical sense, very little has changed, as nobody, not even the government is required to use either language. However, some new laws, including the Official Languages Act (The act that made English and Welsh the official languages), will be written in English and Welsh.

British Empire creates page on MicroWiki

The British Empire has created a page about itself on MicroWiki. The page is currently very, very basic as we do not know how to make a complex page.

Link to page:

Information on MicroWiki: MicroWiki is a site with the same structure as Wikipedia but designed for Micronations. Many have their own page and now the empire has one.

Empire looking into huge expansion

The British Empire is looking into buying more territories which if carried out would add several square yards to the empire’s size, likely making it dozens of times bigger.

There is a forest conservation programme called Reforestum which allows you to purchase shares in a forest and have your own section. It currently allows you to buy land in a forest in North Spain but will soon expand to Zambia, Malaysia, and the United States. The Empire would not fully own this land but have shares in the forest and a designated section. This designated section would become territory of the British Empire. For only three euros, you can get a square metre (about ten square feet) of land designated to you, however, it can be much larger, a fact that could result in a huge territorial expansion.

Not only would acquiring these territories be a huge territorial gain, but also, if we got territories in each place (Spain, USA, Brazil, Malaysia), then we would have finally build an empire where the sun doesn’t set. It would cover five continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America (six if you count the dependency we have in Antarctica). The approaching summer could be a golden era for the empire, the era it truly thrives as a great micronation. The Empire currently spans the Irish Sea, from Northern Ireland to Scotland, but in a year or two, the empire could possibly span 5 continents.

First Amendment Passed

The British Empire has passed the first amendment to its constitution.

The Amendment is religion based. It is centred on two things, legality of Satanism and definition of ‘Unethical Religious or Cultural’ practises.

Satanism was banned outright in the constitution. The British Empire is a religious, Christian country, and makes no effort to hide this. However, on analysis of Theistic Satanism, it has been noticed that Theistic Satanists (The ones who actually worship Satan) do believe that what they are doing is right. This makes them well meaning, and they don’t harm anybody so the ban has been lifted on conditions that they don’t speak against other religions or against God. The Empire intends to be religious, but doing this through force is not the way the Empire wants to achieve this. The ban on Atheistic Satanism stays, as this is not a religion but an Anti-Religion movement, an insult to religion.

Unethical cultural and religious practises have also been banned. Discrimination and Violence are banned.

Aerican Empire Fully Recognises British Empire

The Aerican Empire on May 16th gave full recognition to the British Empire. The Empire had formally had ‘Conditional Recognition’ meaning that it fulfilled the criteria of recognition except for the one saying that the country must have existed for more than 6 months. This is a historical moment and a large step for the British Empire as a country.