Antarctic Dependency claimed

A small archipelago of islands in Antarctica just off the Canistoe peninsula have been claimed. A rough square border has been made around the islands with the claim being roughly 14 square miles made up of both land and water. This group of unclaimed and un-named islands have been named the South Durham islands. They are currently a dependency of the empire as opposed to a constituent territory such as Anglestonia or the Scottish Colony, however, they may be incorperated into the empire in the future. This would be an astronomical increase in the empire’s size, taking it to 130,099,200 times larger than it was before, taking it from 3 sq feet to 390297603 sq feet. This would make it larger than the UN nations of Monaco, Nauru, and Tuvalu. The South Durham Islands are located in Marie Byrd Land so do not overlap with any Antarctic claims belonging to any UN Country. They do however, overlap with the micronation of Westarctica which claims all of Marie Byrd land, however, the Imperial Governor views their claim as greedy and too large.

Map of The South Durham Islands with rough border.
South Durham Islands.png
Flag of the South Durham Islands featuring the Union Jack and the Durham shield and resembling the flag of the British Antarctic Territory.

British Empire Enacts Constitution

The British Empire has officially enacted its constitution

On the 7th of March 2017 at 9:48 pm, the British Empire enacted its constitution. This has set the basic laws and rights of the people. It is also a large expression of sovereignty and clearly states the empire’s structure. It also formally creates the title of Imperial Governor (Head of Government) and the British Imperial Army.

The constitution applies to every territory in the empire, however, Anglestonia and any future constituent countries or dominions have the right to their own constitution which cannot conflict with the Empire’s. The new Imperial Governor is the only one able to create constitutional amendments.

Flag of the British Empire
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia
Flag of the Scottish Colony

Rights of People

  1. Expression of Opinion and freedom of speech

*Cannot be violent or destructive

*Cannot be discriminatory

*Cannot involve breaking laws

  1. Freedom of Religion, Culture, and sexuality.

*Satanism is banned

* Cultures from after 1900 are exempt

  1. Equality for all religions, races, ethnicities, sexualities, and genders.
  2. Freedom from unlawful prosecution and torture.
  3. Freedom from slavery.
  4. Freedom from enforced physical labour for profit or non profit. This includes exercise
  5. Right to live: No death penalty.
  6. Right to request a law which the government must read and respond to.

*The government does not need to respond instantly

* If somebody abuses this right, it may be taken off them

  1. Right to own property. The government cannot take property off others.
  2. Right to citizenship

*Citizenship can be revoked if serious crime is committed

*Citizenship can be cancelled if person is not heard from for a long time exceeding three years

  1. Freedom from enforced safety

* Does not apply to putting other people in danger

Laws Of The People

  1. No murdering others.
  2. No stealing from others.
  3. No falsely accusing people of breaking the law.
  4. No performing inhumane experiments on animals.
  5. No discriminating against different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, cultures, the poor, the disabled, or the elderly.

* Culture from after the year 1900 is exempt

* Cults such as Satanism are banned

* Culture may be made fun but not discriminated against

  1. No claiming to be a God.
  2. No falsely claiming a status. This includes nobility and royalty titles, positions in the government and military, academic achievements such as P.H.D.s or degrees, and licenses
  3. No counterfeiting any currency. This includes both currencies produced by the empire and currencies not produced by the empire
  4. No purposefully damaging other’s property.
  5. Respect the rules made by a landowner when on their property.

* You may break these rules if they violate the law

  1. Do not scam or fraud others out of their money or property
  2. No falsely alerting the government or military when there is no reason to do so

* If the alerter believed that there was an issue but was mistaken, they have not broken the law

  1. Do not Break the law of the British Empire.

Laws of the Army

  1. No killing your enemy.
  2. No aiming your weapon at the opponent’s face especially eyes unless they are wearing a helmet with face protection.
  3. Use the necessary force and no more.

* Higher than necessary amounts of fore may be used to scare the opponent.

  1. No harm can be done to any bystander and/or civilian. A war must only involve the enemy military. It is also illegal for the army to threaten them without reason.
  2. No holding hostages.
  3. If an opponent surrenders, they are allowed to flee so long as they agree to leave the war.

* If the opponent is allowed to flee but comes back, they lose the right to flee for a second time.

  1. Do not lay waste the area which you are fighting for or in.
  2. A soldier should refrain from an order from their commander if it violates one of these rules.
  3. Do not put your fellow soldiers in un necessary danger.
  4. The Army and its commanders must follow the instructions of the British Imperial Government.

* If the government’s orders violate any of the Laws of the Army, the army should not follow them as stated in Article 7.

  1. No using powerful firearms which use black powder or gun powder.
  2. No using poison as a weapon.

Laws and structure of the Government

  1. The Grand Duke of Anglestonia is the Imperial Governor.
  2. The Empire has not tax system for currencies that are not their own.
  3. The Imperial Governor has the power to veto or pass any law.
  4. The Empire must accept citizenship to anybody already a British Citizen.
  5. All money produced by the Empire must have the Queen’s head on unless there is no head at all.
  6. The government cannot become communist.

People are free to be communist and to be able to express their communist views, however, the government cannot do so.

  1. The government cannot declare war on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  2. The government cannot discriminate against races, religions, cultures, sexualities, or genders.

* Satanism is exempt

* Culture after the year 1900 is exempt

* Although citizens aren’t forced to comply to British Culture, the government is, however, this is only in governing the country and doesn’t mean that people from other cultures cannot be in the government nor does it mean that they have to adopt British Culture and/or reject their native culture in their everyday life.

  1. The Government has full control over the army and can give them orders

* The orders may not violate the Laws of the Army

  1. A Constitutional Amendment requires the approval of the Imperial Governor. This includes adding, removing, or altering articles
  2. The Imperial Governor or any other politician, noble, monarch, or citizen may not claim the position of head of state.
  3. The government cannot style itself as Fascist or Nazi. Fascism is banned through a series of different constitutional laws. This specific law prohibits the government to describe itself as Fascist or Nazi.
  4. A territory may be acquired by will of the person who has ownership, mortgage, fractional ownership (The Empire can claim it as a condominium with a level of sovereignty depending on the size of the fractional ownership), or lease (The Empire’s claim to the leased land expires with the lease) over the land and this person retains ownership and can chose to remove their land from the empire at any time.

Structure of the Empire

  1. The territories of the Empire are split into Colonies, Dominions, and Constituent Countries
  2. All three classes of territory are parts of the sovereign state of the British Empire
  3. The Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, is Empress and head of state over the entire empire. Empress is the highest title in the empire and no constituent monarch can claim to be equal or higher.
  4. No territory can break the constitution
  5. No territory can declare war. If the empire declares war on a country, all territories are at war with that country

Constituent Country

This is the highest class of territory. These are the only ones allowed to own colonies and have monarchs. They also have the right to make laws and decisions that can only be overruled by the empire itself.

They can have light administrative powers over dominions meaning that they can overrule the dominions decisions. Constituent countries can have their own colonial empires, however, they can’t claim the title of emperor.


Dominions have the right to self government however, their decisions can be overruled by a constituent country with light administrative powers over them. They cannot have colonies but they can have heavy administrative powers over them. They are not entitled to a monarchy but can have the title of Duke or any title lower than that.


Colonies are fully governed by dominions or constituent countries. They can have their own laws and infrastructure but this is decided by the territory which governs them

Small News

The site has now changed the British Empire flag from the old one to the new one.

This year is probably going to be a good one. The empire plans to get small one square inch colonies in the USA. There may even be one appearing in Germany. If all of the planned colonies go ahead, the empire will have expanded into 2 new continents (Oceania and North America) from the US plots and into Mainland Europe from the German Plot

British Empire Officially Gains Scottish Colony

The British Empire has officially Incorporated the Scottish Colony. The empire now has an extra square foot of land and spans for miles from Anglestonia in Northern Ireland to the Scottish Colony in Scotland. The new colony is in Glencoe in the highlands of Scotland. It has made the empire 50% larger and the empire has plans for expansion in the next year. The Grand Duke of Anglestonia aims to create an empire where the sun doesn’t set. There are planned colonies in the USA and one in England. The English colony is less likely to happen soon but would be much larger than anything in the empire so far. The acquiring of the Scottish Colony is the beginning of the empire’s expansion. The colony is governed similarly to the South Anglestonia Colony was by the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia. Anglestonia has been raised from dominion to constituent and now has governing power in the empire.

Flag of the Scottish Colony

South Anglestonia Colony annexed

The dissolution of South Anglestonia
At the time this is released, the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia will annex the South Anglestonia colony. The Grand Duchy will become 1/3 larger and the Colony will become a region called ‘South Anglestonia’ making up the southern square foot of the Grand Duchy. The South Anglestonia Colony will no longer exist and the Anglestonian Lands will be unified.

Flag of the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia, which has annexed the South Anglestonia Colony

Why it happened
There was already a plan to incorporate it into the empire in 2017/1967, however, this was sped up as there was a war of independence on the 16th of December 2016/1966. The British Empire fought against a group called the ‘South Anglestonian Republican Army’ or S.A.R.A and the empire was victorious. The Empire then declared that the colony would join Anglestonia. S.A.R.A. say that this is not the end of South Anglestonia’s fight for independence. In order for the empire to win, they had to deploy Anglestonia’s nuclear weapon.

What will happen to South Anglestonia as part of the Grand Duchy
The Colony will become a region called ‘South Anglestonia’. It will make up 1 square foot, twice the size it was as a colony, and will also become a Duchy in the future. The Duke will be chosen by the Grand Duke of Anglestonia. The North Region will become the earldom of Leighfrith with the Grand Duke as earl. The South Anglestonian Calendar will still be used by South Anglestonia


New Territory in Scotland

The British Empire is about to get a territory in Scotland. This will be one square foot, increasing the size of the British Empire by 50%. This will be the first territory outside of Northern Ireland. The Grand Duke has the rights to a square foot of land in the Scottish Highlands. Although not legal ownership (As Scotland requires land to be registered), the Grand Duke will have a “personal right” to the land and at will become a colony.

Red Ensign.png