Second episode of British Imperial News released

The satirical state news programme ‘British Imperial News’ has released a second episode, containing the news from after the last episode. It is mildly outdated, due to taking a long time to complete. It is 1 minute 15 (26%) longer than the first episode.


Pecuniam Government issued ‘Constitutional Warning’

Pecuniam has been issued a constitutional warning, when it condoned flogging American president Donald Trump until he resigns. The state news programme reported

“The Paramilitary organisation known as the cavalier Guard has announced its intentions to defend Pecuniam against the National Enemy, Dona;d Trump, if he ever attempts to enter Pecuniam. The Guard’s strategy is to flog Trump until he reaches the point of unconditional surrender, and resigns the Presidency of the United Sates of America.

The Cavalier Guard was founded during the Civil War as an extremist monarchist organisation. They were, at that time, on our side, and they played a vital role in the Second Battle of Pecuniam. Since then, however, they have displayed utter unwillingness to accept the compromise offered by the referendum, and supported by the Pecunian and Proletistani governments. They have now been condemned by the Pecunian government as a terrorist organisation for their repeated attempts to destabilise and take over the Democratic People’s Republic of Proletistan, and for their links to the South Anglestonian Republican Army.

We do, however, support them in this.”

~Kingdom of Pecuniam Website

This has been considered a form of torture, which is against the rights of the people. However, as it is not official government policy, and just support, they have been issued a ‘constitutional warning’ instead of a ‘constitutional violation’, as they have not made this a government policy or legislation.

This does not mean that the British Empire supports Donald Trump. He is recognised as ‘Dangerously Right Wing’, formerly as a Fascist.

Pecuniam given a new name by Sholand

Pecuniam has been given the name ‘Homunculia’ by Sholand and Proletistan. This is only official in Proletistan and Sholand. ‘Homunculia’ means ‘little man’ in Latin, a demeaning name, similar to its Welsh name ‘Pen Mawr’ meaning ‘big head’. Despite only being called the Dominion of the Kingdom of Pecuniam or just the Dominion of Pecuniam, it has gathered many other names. These include

Magnium: The name it is called by New Queensland, coming from the latin ‘magna’ meaning ‘great’ in an attempt by the left wing colony to avoid supporting capitalism, as they are under Pecunian administration.

Pen Mawr: The Welsh name, meaning ‘Big Head’, mocking Pecunium for being pompous.

Homunculia: The new name, meaning ‘little man’.

It seems that despite insisting on one name, Pecuniam/Penmawr/Homunculia/Magnium will always have many names. The Name Airgead is also planned on being revived in the future as an unofficial name.

Minimum army age increased to 15

Reform in the army has lead to the minimum age being increased from 10 years to 15 years, one year younger than the UK’s and the same as Dominica’s. This means that younger citizens are unable to serve in the army, and any currently doing so have been dismissed.

However, constituent countries may establish a national guard, a paramilitary force to protect their constituent territory. These are not however, parts of the army of the British Empire. No countries have official government paramilitary forces as of yet, although Anglestonia plans to establish one with the 15 year age requirement and Pecuniam may establish one as well, almost definitely with a lower age requirement.

Anglestonia makes Cwm Rhondda its anthem

Anglestonia has made the hymn ‘Guide me o thou great Jehovah’ (known as Cwm Rhondda in Wales) its national anthem. This has been chosen for multiple reasons. The first is to assert Welsh culture in Anglestonia, but the main reason is to make the country more Christian.

This is the version of the song which is official

Wladbreninhines Newydd yn un wladfa nawr

Y sir fri Wladbreninhines Newydd, un wlad Awstraliadd, yn un wladfa newydd dan reolaeth Pen Mawr. Pen Mawr yw un gwlad cyfalafwr ond Wladbreninhines Newydd wr sosialaidd, felly nid yw’n dal gwerthoedd Pennawd Mawr. Mae’n gelwir bellach ‘Y Wladfa Wladbreninhines Newydd’ neu ‘The Colony of New Queensland’ yn Saesneg.

Politics Act of New Queensland passed

  1. New Queensland renounces and denounces capitalism and will defend its land from it.
  2. Capitalist culture will be stamped out from the government. This includes referring to Pecuniam by the name Magnium, the ‘Telly Tubby Toffs’ losing their official status.
  3. It will become a government custom for people of higher status to bow to people of lower status, to indicate that the rulers serve the people.
  4. New Queensland will have its own police force, the ‘New Queensland Constabulary’. the Magnian Constabulary still operates in our territory but is below the New Queensland Constabulary and may be evicted.